Case study

MyBudget: Australia’s leading personal budget specialists

A content audit, SEO analysis, technical site audit and IA (site map, taxonomy, user flows and URL structure) for a website migration project

The brief

In 2021, MyBudget embarked on a website migration project. Before making any strategic decisions, they needed to understand the lay of the land: what content already existed, how that content had been organised, how it performed, and any technical SEO issues.

Once this data had been collected and analysed, they wanted help using the insights to create a sustainable taxonomy and IA for the new website.

What we did: The content audit

Content inventory: We started by scraping the sites to understand the lay of the land: what content exists, how it’s organised, how it’s performing, and what keywords the content is ranking for. This helped to surface any potential opportunities or challenges.

Content audit: We then did an audit of the site, and reviewed every page against a defined list of criteria. These insights would later fuel our IA and taxonomy work.

Technical SEO audit: We also checked to make sure both sites had been set up properly from a technical SEO perspective, and made note of any metadata that’s missing or not formatted correctly on the site, and any missing or incorrectly formatted heading tags.

All of this data was distilled into key observations, opportunities, insights and next steps.

What we did: IA and taxonomy

Information architecture is the system and structure that you use to organise and label content on your website.

Using the findings from the content audit, plus existing audience insights and business goals, wel worked collaboratively with the MyBudget team to group and label the content to create an IA, define the navigation and create a site map. We then tested and refined the IA through user testing and stakeholder reviews.

From there, we created a content matrix that mapped existing content against the new IA and taxonomy, which further helped to identify content gaps and opportunities.

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