Who we are

Born in London and established in Adelaide, Slice is a creative content agency with friends and clients all over the world.

We create words, designs and experiences that delight, inform, inspire and entertain your audience. Content that cuts through the noise, both online and offline.

We love the challenge of getting under the skin of the audience that we’re persuading, finding out what makes them tick, the joy of making them laugh or widen their eyes with surprise. We strive to look at the usual through unusual eyes, to create work that not only persuades but also entertains, educates and delights.

What differentiates us from digital agencies is that we’re content-first; so, just like journalists, we develop the story first, and make sure it hits home with your audience (and kicks your business goals). And then we distribute, measure and optimise until the end of that content’s lifecycle.

Our content creation is always fuelled by data, audience insights, keyword analysis and search trends. We never create content without making sure it has purpose, is being created for a defined audience, and can be measured and tracked (otherwise, what’s the point?)  

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“We believe that websites, systems and experiences should be built around content, rather than content created to fill boxes.”

The Slice story

Hi, hello! We’re Vanessa & Lizzie, the co-founders of Slice. Thanks for dropping by!

The Slice story technically began back in 2006
This is when we were introduced through a mutual friend, but a better place to start the story is 2012, when we both decided to move to London, unbeknownst to the other.

At this point in time, Vanessa was a frustrated journalist in Sydney (while her colleagues were chasing leads, she was asking questions like, “Why are we writing this? Who is reading this? Why are they reading it? How did they come to the page? Where are they going next?”) and Lizzie had just finished implementing a new ecommerce platform for the RAA in Adelaide.

Away from home in London, we clung to each other, forming a fast friendship over negronis we couldn’t afford and a shared love of the internet.

2012 was a big year for user-centric content
It was around this time that brands started to realise they could no longer keep their audience engaged by just talking about themselves, and we found ourselves working side-by-side at some of London's leading comms and content agencies; Vanessa doing copywriting and content strategy, and Lizzie managing large content projects.

Over the next five years, we watched as brands demanded more and more content, often without a second thought to the audience, the purpose, the end goal of this content. We watched as large agencies turned a blind eye to this, continuing to charge clients exorbitant fees for content that would never have any sort of measurable impact. We knew there had to be a better way.

In 2019, Slice was born
We’re a small, agile team who takes a considered approach to content creation. We help you understand what problems need solving, and then we consider how content can solve that problem. We don’t create content for content’s sake (even if you ask us to), and we make sure that everything we put into the world has a defined audience, clear purpose, and can be measured and tracked (because, otherwise, what’s the point?)

We work hard to not interrupt the conversations that your audience is having, but to join them seamlessly. We don’t talk brand-first, but audience-first, about the things that matter to them.

We prioritise quality over quantity, and will always work to your budget, capabilities and team size. We’re ambitious – but we’re also realistic.

We can’t wait to work with you

Team Slice

Vanessa Keys
Co-founder / Content & strategy director

Vanessa has been telling stories for over 15 years, first as a journalist at Pacific Magazines and News Corp, and then as a content strategist and copywriter at leading digital agencies in London, where she worked with clients like Google, Facebook, Siemens, Philips, Vue Entertainment, Barclays, Nandos, Arup, Dulux, Bayer and many others.

As a writer and journalist, her work has been published in Australian Home Beautiful, the Daily Telegraph (AU), the Daily Telegraph (UK), Virgin, Jetstar, Qantas, Time Out Sydney, Marie Claire, Brand South Australia, The Adelaide Review, Sunday Style, the Herald Sun, The Week UK, and more. You can have a squiz at her journalism portfolio here.

At Slice, Vanessa channels her love for good, honest and compelling storytelling into helping brands and businesses unearth their stories, working with them to create content that achieves business objectives, stands on its own as good journalism and, most importantly, responds to the needs of the real humans who will be using the products and services.

When she's not reading the internet, you'll find Vanessa seeking out good places to swim, reading pretty much everything she can get her hands on, cooking (especially pasta), and planning trips with her husband.

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Lizzie Annells
Co-founder / Managing director

Lizzie started her career in traditional marketing, and moved into digital over 15 years ago with the RAA (Royal Automobile Association of South Australia).

In 2012, she relocated to London and carved a path in content production for some of London’s leading comms and content agencies, where she managed large teams across projects, overseeing editorial strategy, planning and content development, including creating long and short form copy, video and social content.

She’s managed and produced content projects of every shape and size across both global brands and SMEs, including Dove, Rexona, Philips, AkzoNobel, Bayer Healthcare, the World Health Organisation, and more.

At Slice, Lizzie manages the day-to-day operations of the agency, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, on budget, and deliver a measurable return on investment.

When she doesn’t have her head in a spreadsheet, you’ll find Lizzie buying gig tickets, hunting for the perfect pet-nat, and becoming a cross-stitch master.

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Ava Barrie
Copywriter/content producer

Ava brings over a decade of experience in creating engaging copy and content across magazines, websites, social media, branding and more to her role at Slice.

Following the completion of a Bachelor of Journalism at Bond University in 2012, she’s penned for publications across the globe. Beginning her freelance career at South Australian Style Magazine, Ava quickly became the go-to writer for celebrity interviews. She continued her lifestyle journalism career through the Gold Coast’s Label Magazine and Thoroughbred Racing SA’s Fashion at The Races blog.

Ava eventually moved into copywriting for local governments, agencies, and a bevy of businesses across hospitality, beverage, medical, events and property industries. Her words have also appeared on the labels of Sparkke Change Beverage Company’s cans, and gins by Three Little Birds Distillery.

Insatiably curious, Ava loves talking to people and finding out what makes them tick. As our copywriter and content producer, she translates complex ideas into compelling stories across formats and channels, and shifts seamlessly between different TOVs. She makes sure your business stands out from the crowd and helps your brand’s personality shine.

When she’s not writing captivating content, you’ll find Ava exploring South Australia’s regions in search of memorable food and wine experiences.

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Stephanie Montatore
Content producer

Steph is a passionate and creative marketing professional who loves using language to reach and resonate with the right audience at the right time. 

She holds a Bachelor of Communication and Media from UniSA, and worked for the student magazine, Verse, while studying. 

Since graduating in 2021, Steph has honed her skills in government and agency settings, and also freelanced. Her experience spans content creation, storytelling, social media management, EDMs, copywriting, digital reporting, photography, and video editing. 

Outside of work, you’ll find Steph writing poetry, snapping film photos, or out to brunch followed by a beach walk.

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Graham Nicol
Digital strategist

Graham's a down-to-earth marketing expert who knows his stuff and never fails to give a campaign a creative twist.

With over two decades of experience in branding, marketing and communications, he's managed successful international campaigns for government agencies as well as collaborated with purveyors of premium products like Smeg Australia.

Graham's forte is building ambitious yet realistic digital strategies and multi-channel marketing plans that work online or off, teaming up with top-notch businesses to boost their brand game, and creating content that simply nails it.

His passion? Exploring the ever-shifting connections between technology and people.

Beyond the marketing hustle, Graham loves whipping up electronic beats and perfecting the art of carbonara.

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Sam Kolesnik
Visual content creator

Sam is a highly creative and multi talented graphic designer, photographer and videographer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing, and print design.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) and a Bachelor of Marketing and Communications, Sam dove headfirst into bringing brands across many different industries to life, including restaurants, real estate agencies, nightclubs, artists, music festivals and soft drink brands. 

Most recently, Sam worked for Pirate Life Brewing crafting identities for the many beers coming out of the brewery, bringing events to life through signage and digital assets, and photographing every angle of a well poured pint.

When he’s not thinking about design, Sam is without a doubt thinking about food, the friends and family that he can share good food with, and the next gig he’s going to attend (or play).

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Emma Faggotter
Digital marketing coordinator

Emma is a digital native with a passion for evidence-based marketing.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management), she studied a Masters in Management (Marketing) from UniSA while undertaking internships with Feast Festival and Showcase SA.

As an Ehrenberg-Bass Institute scholar, Emma has extensive experience with research, applying empirical evidence to recommendations, and creating concepts. She has a particular interest in customer experience, data analysis, and ethical business practices.

When she’s not working, Emma loves relaxing with her cats, enjoying a good brunch, and watching live music.

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Brody McKenzie
Digital marketing coordinator

Brody brings a love of all things digital to Slice.

With a background in e-commerce, his curiosities lie in online behaviours and creating purpose-driven content to meet people’s needs.

He first entered the workforce with a Bachelor of Health Sciences, and later pivoted to study a Bachelor of Marketing and Communications.

Since graduating, Brody has discovered a passion for data analysis, consumer behaviour, and finding strategy-driven ways to connect with people in the digital world.

Outside of work, Brody enjoys an eclectic mix of hobbies including piano, yoga, reading and travel. During his downtime, you’ll find him at the beach, the gym or watching anime.

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Sarah Annells
Operations manager

Sarah started her career in account management for Adelaide media agencies before heading back to her hospitality roots to take up a role as operational manager at McDonald’s West Terrace.

After seven years of managing people flipping burgers, Sarah decided her passion was in numbers and returned to study a Bachelor of Accounting.
When she’s not working or studying, you’ll find Sarah with her nose in a book or playing ball with her dog Doug.

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