May 26, 2023
This week on Friday Fourteen: Everything you need to know about Stan Grant stepping down, wholesome interviews with “Swiftie dads”, a fascinating piece about the “jobless employed” (aka people who do nothing at work) that takes quiet quitting to another level, TikTok has introduced a new font and people are losing it, and more.

#WeStandWithStan started trending this week, and you best believe we do. This week Wiradjuri journalist Stan Grant called out the media as a poison in the bloodstream of Australia, as he stepped down as host of Q&A, and media platforms everywhere are finger pointing. But Stan has made it very clear that the failure is widespread and institutional: “I take time out because we have shown again that our history — our hard truth — is too big, too fragile, too precious for the media. The media sees only battle lines, not bridges. It sees only politics. Not everything is politics. Some things are sacred. Our stories are sacred.”

(The background: Stan has been harassed with relentless racial abuse since he appeared as a reluctant guest during the ABCs coronation coverage and shared his perspective on the day from the eyes of someone whose culture, people and loved ones have been oppressed by the Crown. And once again it’s fallen on the shoulders of First Nations people to rally for change when it’s the white and racist structures that need to crumble).

Pauline Hanson is being sued for her blatant racism toward Greens’ senator Mehreen Faruqi, and she’s turned to fashion to fund her fees

This fascinating piece about the “jobless employed” (aka people who do nothing at work) takes quiet quitting to another level

TikTok has introduced a new font and people are losing itA reminder of the racial disparities in women’s health (“As soon as I became pregnant I sprang into action. It was the first test of Black motherhood, navigating a healthcare system that wasn’t designed with me in mind. I knew the risks. I did the research. I did all the things.”)

Got a cool $5.5m and vibe the 70s? The OG Brady Bunch home is for sale in Hollywood and it’s gotta be seen to be believed (reportedly it is the 2nd most photographed home in the USA after the White House)

Couples are exposing their partners’ grey flags – things that are slightly odd but not a deal breaker. Most are incredibly wholesome

A behind-the-scenes look at how film options can work for an author (and the highs and lows of being a published author)

Reporters asked young New Yorkers about their dream futures, and then calculated exactly how much each would cost to make it a reality (unsurprisingly, no journalist can afford to live in NYC at all)

Meet the “Swiftie dads” at a Taylor Swift concert

A terrifying piece about moderators being paid to catfish on dating websites

Surely this is grounds for immediate divorce?

Agree or disagree with the BBC’s list of the 100 greatest children’s books of all time?

And in other news: If you struggle reading large chunks of text you should try this, does finger spacing haunt anyone else, this video brings back excellent memories, working in retail is just this, how to tell who your true friends are, no but please slow down, the realest thing we’ve seen all week, forget Uber we’re running home, a true mastermind, someone took ‘would you still love me if I were a fish’ too far, one word: lemontok, everything costs $30 and is a 20 minute drive away, here’s a quick reminder that no foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ despite what diet culture taught you, how many houses the Selling Sunset agents have *actually* sold this year, and how do you feel about this chopped sandwiches series – genius or a crime against food?

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Obsessing over: Desire paths (because humans are cute sometimes)

Sad about: The surge of minimalism in a world where everything was once so pretty


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Following:@astridmacq on TikTok, who does THE most spot-on Princess Di impressions

Reading: One of the books I bought on the quarterly Slice book shopping trip last week was Clementine Ford’s How We Love, which I polished off in one sitting over the weekend and highly, highly recommended. It’s a highly readable reflection on Clementine’s vulnerabilities, mistakes and ultimately the ways she has loved in her life. BYO tissues