April 21, 2023
This week on Friday Fourteen: Coachella had a rocky start, helpful advice for when you witness someone having a panic attack, Drake and The Weeknd dropped a new viral song, Jenn Riceuses uses Tinder to travel, Mattie Kahn explores what people do after being an influencer and more.

In the US, Coachella weekend #1 just wrapped and artist Frank Ocean made waves with his controversial set. The singer was an hour late, barely showed face, and didn’t complete his set. Fans dropped like flies since the highly anticipated set saw many line the gates from midday in the desert heat. He’s since pulled out of weekend #2. But if you’re still battling fomo, this influencer just revealed that plenty pretended to attend the festival for clout

If you fancy feeling very small, click here to ride an elevator from the Earth's surface to space

…and if you feel like getting nostalgic, take a trip down memory lane at the Mobile Phone Museum (the ugliest phone collection is a real time)

Actually helpful advice for what to do when you witness someone having a panic attack

Check your burnout in two minutes

This new TikTok trend has everyone turning their lives into a Wes Anderson movie, and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all week

Is it actually ethical to own a pet?

This painfully honest piece by Arthur C. Brooks tells how mixed feelings are the most draining of all – plus how to make peace with your mixed emotions and use them as a tool for sound decision making. (“Don’t try to make life uncomplicated, or love it any less because it’s messy. Rather, resolve to be fully awake and alive inside that mess”)

Drake and The Weeknd dropped a new viral song… or did they? The song was made with AI, and had no involvement from the artists. “Heart On My Sleeve” has since been scrubbed from the internet due to a copyright claim from Universal Music Group, which begs the question: is AI the future of music or will copyright laws prevent this?

What lengths would you go to own your favourite singer’s merch?

Jenn Rice explains why Tinder is her favourite travel app

Katie Hawkins-Garr on why it’s important to do nice things for ourselves (and scroll down for 76 reader comments on their favourite (basic) versions of self-care)

Excellent reporting on a fascinating (if niche) topic: What do people do after being influencers? (ahem, it seems they host $40 Zoom workshops guiding other creators through the process of leaving influencing)

And in other news: The devil works hard but fanfic writers work harder, how did she survive THIS, we still have so many questions about #WaterTok, bandaids don't have to hurt, this creator nailed curly hair care, being in your 20s, every f**k off in Succession seasons 1-3, why some people look more modern than others (aka ‘smartphone face’), we’re obsessed with watching this guy make pasta, more pasta content, are you a LaLaLaLa or an OkOkOkOk person, why we need a class action lawsuit going against Google, exhaust fans are doing too much, modern day King Henry VIII, frozen ramen kits are a thing, 2016 Vine is alive again, and the Ikea marketplace is elite

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Vanessa, content & strategy director

Reading: Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver on a recommendation from my mum. It’s about a boy who’s born to a drug-using teenage single mother in a trailer in Lee County, Virginia, and his struggle to survive amid America’s opioid crisis. It’s heartbreaking but beautiful

Watching: Masterchef returns next week and yes I’m basic and yes I’m excited

Bookmarking: This trick for turning any leftovers into fritters or pancakes


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Cooking: This hot, sweet, salty, sour recipe for crispy fish by Spirit House. If you’re ever on the Sunshine Coast, you owe your tastebuds a visit