March 17, 2023
This week on Friday Fourteen: our favourite Twitter bot is calling out hypocrite companies, why everyone was talking about Paris Paloma on TikTok this week, a tech rec to help you have a healthier relationship with your phone, everything going on with the Willow oil project, newsletter recs (hi Evil Witches and Gossip Time) and more.

Our fav Twitter bot is back setting fire to every corp that’s trying to make up for years of underpaying women with IWD tweets and cupcakes 🔥🤌

Paris Paloma is taking over TikTok with their unreleased song Labour. The song is unlocking true ancestral female rage as people are realising from childhood that women are responsible for boys' bad behaviour

If you find yourself subconsciously picking up your phone without even realising you’re doing it, you need ScreenZen. This app creates a buffer when opening apps, which makes you reconsider if opening TikTok for the 50th time today is actually productive. Unlike similar options this app is completely free (during its initial launch)

This thread explains everything going on around the Willow oil project

Finally, an article that answers a question we’ve wondered for yonks: Is eye cream just repackaged facial moisturiser?

Hayley Nahman’s simple question “Do you pass the Turing test?” had us reflecting on the sameness of every corporate email and feeling icky about every time we’ve lapsed into corp speak

Are you okay or are you an eldest daughter

Yeah we hard cannot relate to this

Can't afford a personal assistant? Fake one (“If there’s a secret email address or a VIP phone number out there, James Bernstein will unsheathe it. He is not afraid to ask for what he needs. He is also 100 percent fake”)

We’re huge fans of the parenting newsletter called Evil Witches (‘a newsletter for witches who happen to be mothers’) and we particularly loved a recent issue in which they interviewed people who are raising kids outside the monogamous couple paradigm

Speaking of excellent newsletters! Gossip Time is a celebrity gossip newsletter (stay with us) by a former writer at The Cut and it’s wonderfully snarky while also being actually quite informative. You can sign up here

Interiors we’ve bookmarked this week include pretty much everything in Joanna Goddard’s Brooklyn house tour, the kitchen in this Perth reno (the terrazzo! That archway!) and the art walls in this Edwardian Melbourne home

Strangely extremely into the idea of eating dinner with total strangers after reading this

And in other news: we have plans we cannot share at this time, Bluey is for everyone, some truly sick bug facts, an excellent display of hairography, this cover is giving us goosebumps, a man simply living his best life, her bedtime is 8:30, saying slay is a lifestyle, cat vs treadmill, our favourite series, hehe, the results of girl bossing too hard, we’re thankful for Hans Zimmer, colour theory is wild, this fail ended up being quite satisfying, how to fix a homemade cocktail, calling customer service in the UK vs US, a computer for women, that one girl who just got back from Australian, your engaged friend who’s committed to being a “chill bride”, and do we really want kids??

Emma, digital marketing assistant

Watching: Scandal. I have no idea why it took me this long, but I'm hooked. This show is so unbelievably camp

Listening to: Spacey Jane on repeat. They do indie-rock oh so well


Vanessa, content & strategy director

Making: Meera Sodha’s vodka gochujang rigatoni

Watching: The teaser trailer for season 2 of The Bear

Pre-ordering: Curtis Sittenfield’s new novel Romantic Comedy (April 4!!)