January 20, 2023
This week: A reminder from Waleed Aly that our priorities in life are unlikely to have much value on our deathbeds, a deep dive into the trend of married couples deciding to live apart, a no-needle lip filler review from The Cut that had us in stitches, why everyone is talking about *that* McDonalds ad this week, and more

ICYMI McDonalds UK released a new ad this week that doesn’t show any stores or products and here’s why the ad is raising so many eyebrows

Being jealous of your friends is totally fine

If you’re the type of person to look at a menu hours (days?) before you visit the restaurant, you’ll love reading this

This compelling interview with the Chinese translator of Sally Rooney’s books delves into the complicated (and rarely talked about) relationship between author and translator

Hello we’d like to move into Solange Knowles’ loft please (that bathtub 🙌)

The New York Times has done an interesting look into the trend of married couples “living apart together” (driven by women, no surprises there)

Not sure how we stumbled upon this list of 48 lessons that the writer MaryBeth Bonfiglio wrote on the eve of her 48th birthday but from the very first sentence we were hooked (“I watched a video of Francis McDermott talking about ageing and how if we don’t look old then nobody will know who the elders are.”)

Waleed Aly’s raw reflection on his mother-in-law’s death is an important reminder that our priorities in life are rarely the things we value on our deathbeds (warning: this one’s a tear-jerker)

Actually helpful advice for when you get stuck (“I forget that I go through phases, too. And that I deserve to show myself that same unconditional love”)

Hello diversity, goodbye outdated standards. It’s 2023 and Miss Universe is (finally) 100% women-owned and run

Could someone please try Tom Hanks’ two ingredient cocktail and report back?

An incarcerated writer’s thoughts on enduring the winters of a life sentence (“No longer is your name what warrants attention; a prison number marks who you are.”)

The writer Annie Ham was asked to try out a no-needles lip filler and the resulting product review in The Cut is a hilariously wild ride from beginning to end (and heralds what we hope is a new era of personal essay writing)

And in other news: How people are feeling about Twitter these days, we’re extremely into the idea of chaotic brunch, eating at Grill’d, shopping at Cotton On, an extremely accurate impression of a Triple J presenter, professionalism needs to die, we really can’t fault this review of Pride and Prejudice, singer Ellie Goulding thinks bees make their sound by saying ‘buzz’, turning people into trees, tell me you’re in you’re approaching 30 without telling me you’re approaching 30, a window into our brains this week, are you the delegator at work, can we all just agree that pizza delivery isn’t really that good, women have actually started diffusing their curls with pasta strainers (Naturally Curly journo Cristina Cleveland is the OG), ok Thomas, what inner monologues really sound like, and people don’t want unsolicited advice

What we've been watching, cooking, listening to and reading this week...

Vanessa, content & strategy director

Reading: Spare on my Kindle when I should be sleeping. It’s juicy. I’m into it
Bookmarking: Lasagne soup for when the weather cools down
Rewatching: Happy Valley season 1 and 2 in preparation for season 3. It’s on Binge and ABC iView and honestly, if you haven’t watched this and you even remotely like British crime dramas you need to get into this


Ava, copywriter & content producer

Wondering: Why we don’t talk about menopause (not just the hot flashes). I’m only turning 30 next month, but I love to be prepared.
Craving: Bouillabaisse – there’s nothing better than a summer seafood feast


Hamish, digital marketing coordinator

Playing: A cute little puzzle game set in space that simultaneously made me feel relaxed and incredibly frustrated
Listening: To this 30-second clip of an unreleased song *on repeat* that I think is going to be huge in Feb (I'm calling it here, folks)
Watching: Destination Flavour: Japan with Adam Liaw. It’s from 2013 (in a flat panic that this is 10 years ago now), but it’s letting me pretend that one of my food idols is helping me plan an upcoming trip and I’m loving it