March 3, 2023
This week on Friday Fourteen: 100 pieces of life advice from 100 centenarians, Michelle Yeoh is finally getting the spotlight she deserves, we break down the Hailey Bieber vs Selena Gomez drama, the disaster that is the “My husband used to be hot, what happened” article, are people really saving money with dupes, how to avoid digital clutter and more.

100 pieces of life advice from 100 centenarians (“Always keep your mind open to new ideas, read widely so you understand different points of view, and think about how things could be better. Don’t accept the status quo just because it’s what everyone is doing. Take the time to allow intelligent answers to come to the front, rather than rushing to solutions”)

The original Babysitters Club book covers are for sale

If you watch one thing this week, make it Michelle Yeoh’s SAG award speech (“F***! Thank you! This is not just for me, this is for every little girl that looks like me ... Thank you for giving me a seat at the table, because so many of us need this”)

The Internet exploded this week after Hailey Beiber posted one too many *coincidental* social media posts allegedly shading Selena Gomez, and we can’t decide if this is mean girl behaviour or some strange obsession. In true internet fashion, Hailey is losing followers left and right, as everyone who grew up on Wizards of Waverly Place comes in clutch to defend their OG. Oh, and Selena just passed Kylie as the most followed woman on Instagram due to this drama alone. We’re pretty sure Justin’s the real culprit here

I don’t have a maiden name or a married name, I just have my name

We tried to ignore the “My husband used to be hot, what happened” article that went viral this week because it’s obviously cynical clickbait but we were… not that strong. It’s behind a paywall but we found a freebie version for your enjoyment. Read and then make yourself a cup of tea before settling down with the Twitter reactions. Some of our favourite tweets are below 👇

Consumerism trend: dupes. Are people really saving the big bucks?  (“Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting a good deal. It’s a trait found across history and geography: People haggled in the agoras and souks of antiquity; they bargain in car dealerships; they scour the internet for coupon codes”)

Digital clutter has been a hot topic in our office this week, and let this be your annual reminder to get your online life in order (apparently the secret is to tackle your photos last?!)

It’s important to listen to detransitioners, not the narrative being pushed by transphobic people

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon turned 50 this week, and it's still on the Billboard charts. Here’s a psychologist's take on why it’s still so popular

Succession creator Jesse Armstrong gave a no-holds-barred interview to the New Yorker about his decision to end Succession after the fourth and upcoming season and we’re just hoping/praying that there’s going to be a succession to Succession because this can’t be the end, it just can’t be

This meticulously researched oral history of the pandemic looks back at what the world went through with intelligence and care, while acknowledging that Covid is very much still with us

How to respond to someone who’s grieving (“A dear friend of mine lost her son to suicide. I didn’t know what to say to her; nobody did. So nobody said anything. We talked candidly about it years later. She said the death was horrific, but the loneliness of avoidance made it so much worse. People crossed the street so they wouldn’t have to talk to her”)

And in other news: is this move creepy or smooth, now THIS is marketing, we’d buy a ticket to this two-way petting experience, who exactly was the Pussycat Dolls target audience, Outlook email loves a hissy fit, brb renting out a mansion to recreate this TikTok trend, no one wants to be told they’re a big humper, we’re team Jessie, all universities should offer acapella, a long list of “joy foods”, the grim reality of dating apps, the one book you absolutely have to read according to Penguin’s online community, some people actually pay people to makeover their signature, going to meet emo boys at the bus stop, finally a morning routine we can get behind, bookmark this genius ring sizer hack immediately and man vs pram

What we've been watching, cooking, listening to and reading this week...

Ava, copywriter & content producer

In awe of: Pamela Anderson. Netflix’s Pamela, a love story is a raw look at a life filled with adversity, and a woman determined not to let it defeat her. Pamela’s optimism and pursuit of experience is truly admirable – and she’s officially joined the ranks of my DOA dinner party  

Looking forward to: The colder months in SA, where razorfish will come in from the Eyre Peninsula to (hopefully) my kitchen. An oyster farmer secured the first commercial licence last year, and I’m thrilled for more people to taste the molluscs that I used to pluck from the sea as a kid. Their flavour profile is a combination of abalone and pearl meat 🤤


Steph, digital marketing coordinator

Listening (and crying) to: Gracie Abram’s debut album Good Riddance

Obsessing over: These oh so Pinterest looking cakes from Adelaide cafe Cielo – excuses to order one are welcomed


Vanessa, content & strategy director

Listening: To Gordi’s new single Broke Scene

Recommending: I went to the launch of First Nations’ skincare brand Nood’s first retail store last week and have fallen HARD for their shampoo and conditioner. Both are made from native botanical extracts and are doing excellent things for my hair

Wanting: *The* pasta puffer that everyone in NY is wearing rn