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Five of the best video editing tools in 2022

Know you *should* be creating more video content but get overwhelmed when it comes time to edit your footage? Here are the best video editing tools that our content agency uses to create feed-stopping reels and vids.

Jeremy Collins
July 6, 2022

Why video? 

Video is projected to account for 82% of all internet traffic in 2022, so if video isn’t already a key part of your content strategy, then it should be. 

The best news? You don’t have to have a big budget or professional video studio to produce entertaining, engaging and high quality video content. You just need a good quality phone, a couple of good video editing tools up your sleeve, and the patience (and confidence) to teach yourself some new skills. 

Here’s our fave video editing software:

Apple iMovie

This video editing software comes free with all Mac purchases and is also free-to-use for all Apple users. 

Apple iMovie comes with a range of filters and one of its funnest features is the ‘green-screen’ (or ‘chroma-key’ tool), which allows you to place anyone on screen in a matter of seconds. This is particularly handy when editing tutorials or how-to content. 

iMovie also plays well with other programs. It connects with ease to iTunes and Apple’s Garageband, so you can add in your own custom tracks and sounds. You can also AirDrop projects over to other Macs if you’ve been shooting footage on your iPhone or iPad. 

When you’re ready to share your video with the world, iMovie connects with iMessage, Facebook, YouTube and many other social platforms so you can export and directly upload to those platforms in a few clicks.

We love: Seamless Apple product integration, green-screen, audio and social platform integration

Cost: Free with the purchase of a Mac

Adobe Premiere Pro

It’s hard to top Adobe Premiere Pro (it’s in the name after all). The features on this video editing program are unmatched and great for video editors who are at a more intermediate to advanced level (it’s great for beginners too; it just has so many powerful features that might seem overwhelming to begin with). 

Premiere Pro keeps pushing ahead and is at the front of the pack offering 360 VR and 4K support for those tech heads that want to experiment with new ways of presenting their videos. 

While most video editing programs only allow you to work with a limited number of camera angles, Premiere Pro allows you to work with an unlimited amount, which makes editing and cutting between various shots a breeze. For those that want to colour edit and deep dive into lighting their video correctly, the lumetric colour tool in Premiere Pro offers colour adjustment and manipulation on par with that of Photoshop.

Throw in a range of tiling options, readily connected ancillary apps like Photoshop and After Effects and a flexible, easy to use interface, and Premiere Pro is a no brainer. You can organise, store and share assets online with a team so it’s great for working remotely. Overall, this is the most complete piece of video editing software and best video editing tool out there. 

We love: MultiCam and colouring options, title tool easy integration with Adobe Products, straightforward interface

Cost: $20.99 monthly with an annual subscription

Corel VideoStudio Pro 

Corel VideoStudio Pro is video editing software that helps you storyboard and timeline your video projects. This video editing tool helps you turn images into movies and also comes preloaded with tons of creative effects, project templates, title presentations, transitions and more than 1500 filters (more filters than we know what to do with!). We recommend starting with one of the included templates and then customising from there.

If you’re looking to use still images (and not just video) Corel’s VideoStudio Pro comes with a slideshow maker that helps you create movies and slideshows with plenty of template options – all you need to do is add your media. You can also combine photos, videos, and audio on multiple tracks.

The MultiCam Capture Lite feature lets you record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create videos. This video editing software also offers tools to crop, trim, and split video  directly on the timeline. You can also change the aspect ratio and rotate or change the video just the way you like. Additionally, you can also add subtitles to your videos, record voiceover, fade and layer audio with audio ducking, and more.

We love: Great range of templates and creative FX, a useful slideshow maker, MultiCam and colouring options.

Cost: $90 for an annual subscription

Instagram and Tik Tok (in-app editor)

For Reels and social vids on the fly, Instagram and TikTok’s in-app editors offer great features and have everything you’d need to create your first low-fi video. 

You can choose from different visual effects and filters, and add stickers, text and drawn elements, all of which can be mapped to appear at certain times and pinned to certain areas of the screen. You can also adjust volume levels of camera audio and separate audio (if you want to add your own viral songs into the mix!).

Good to know that these in-app editors are only suitable for videos that you want to share on these platforms, and you can only create videos in portrait mode. 

Need help choosing the best video editing tools for your business or want a helping hand creating video that cuts through? We’re here to help.