June 16, 2023
Miriam Margolyes is a national treasure, 99 date ideas, the interiors we’ve bookmarked this month, Burnt Toast is a brilliant newsletter (👋 hey Virginia Sole-Smith), Jennifer Coolidge has some great advice, celebrate pride with The Care Bears and a fascinating (albeit niche) look into the history of Japanese convenience stores.

Hi friends!
A quick note to let you know that this will be the last Friday Fourteen for a few months, as our F14 editor Vanessa is taking some time off. We’ll be back in the (Australian) spring – look after yourselves and each other


Miriam Margolyes taking over British Vogue during Pride Month is just what the world needs right now

Speaking of which, all baristas are just a little fruity, we’ll be using this as our excuse for all inconveniences this month, we’re dead over this song, and The Care Bears are our new fav allies

In tech news: BeReal is trying to compete with Instagram and Snap with its new Insta-esque chat feature, Reddit’s backouts this week really screwed up Google searches, Instagram now lets you share 30-second song clips as part of an update to Notes, and Apple has announced their Apple Vision Pro, a computer you wear and headset you look through rather than in (the launch video shows how this product can revolutionise your workspace, allowing you to make your MacBook screen as large as you like)

99 date ideas

Jennifer Coolidge’s cure for self-doubt is genius

We always knew wedding night sex was a lie

A fascinating (albeit niche) look into the history of Japanese convenience stores (rest of the world, take note)

If you’ve ever waited tables, worked in a restaurant, served behind a bar or slaved away in a cafe, this is required reading

We absolutely adored every line of this personal essay about re-reading your teenage diaries. It took us straight back to that teenage mix of self-loathing and bravado – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll want to follow the writer @ameliargh on Twitter

Interiors we’ve bookmarked this month but could never in a million years afford include the founder of Farrow & Ball's remote Scottish country house (it even has its own industrial-style hydrotherapy bathroom), this *extremely* white Hampstead house, this Cotswold house (that fireplace!!) and the colourful St Kilda cottage of Kip and Co co-founder Alex McCabe (it’s on the market for a cool $1.5m)

It’s okay to want to be in love

A delightful deep dive into the absurdity of the Guinness World Records, feat toast mosaics, protruding eyeballs and dogs on scooters

Friendship goals

And in other news: We’re all turning into our mums, the only reason to purchase the Apple Vision Pro, Zara models be like, Gen Z performance reviews, filters have gone too far, dog categories that just make sense, birthdays when you’re sensitive, when you’re the brunch friend, watching Dance Moms as an adult, Chat GPT has become our collective therapist, she ate but I couldn’t, supportive boyfriends everywhere, this TikTok proves that trend cycles are real, gaslight gatekeep girlboss, this one’s for all the corporate anxious girlies, the secret to life is being cringey, the most relatable baking TikTok, the happiest dolphin ever, the crazy backstory behind the CPR training dummy, and turns out sexism causes some people to take hurricane warnings way less seriously when they have female names

What we've been watching, cooking, listening to and reading this week...

Vanessa, content & strategy director

Subscribing: To Virginia Sole-Smith’s substack called Burnt Toast, a newsletter about how we navigate diet culture and fatphobia, especially through parenting (but a brilliant read for everyone)

Reading: This beautiful essay by Kristina Kaspa about the grief and gratitude of surrogacy

Cooking: These broccoli cottage cheese pancakes


Ava, copywriter & content producer

Cooking: Last weekend, I took part in a competitive dinner party series and it was my team’s turn to host. I somewhat successfully recreated Brown Street Grill Chef Stuart E Law’s wood-roasted octopus – and the miso mash was the hero of the menu. Failing to find the original recipe, I used this one (and I strongly urge you to try it)