February 10, 2023
This week on Friday Fourteen: An eye-opening piece in the Cut that made us grateful we’re not rich (we know 🤯), the first on-the-record interview with Salman Rushdie since last year's attempt on his life, a long list of etiquette rules you may or may not agree with, the wild tale of a man who decided to eat at every Pret in London in a single day, two new Architectural Digest homes to crush on, and more.

At this week’s 65th annual Grammys, iconic 70s blues artist Bonnie Raitt was awarded song of the year – and no one under the age of 30 knew who she was. Here’s everything you need to know about the 73-year-old singer who beat out Beyonce, Adele, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

By far the best part of the Grammys was this incredible hip-hop performance celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the music genre feat LL Cool J, Salt N Peppa, Queen Latifah, Wu-Tang, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Nelly, and more

We never thought we’d say it but this piece in The Cut about rich people explaining how they are nonetheless extraordinarily anxious about money made us grateful to be… not rich

Architectural Digest gave us two homes to crush on this week: actor Sarah Paulson’s cosy Malibu hideaway (always code for “second home” lol) and Blackish producer Courtney Lilly’s Mediterranean-style home in LA (the rugs are goals)

One of our all-time favourite people to follow on Twitter is the writer Rachel Syme, who’s excellent at being nosy and asking questions that get people talking. This week, she asked people to link to something under $40 that they bought that made their life feel more exciting, glamorous, eccentric or pleasurable. Loads of gold here

When people talk, listen completely

New Yorker editor David Remnick nabbed the first on-the-record interview with Salman Rushdie since last year's attempt on his life and it’s a harrowing account of the attack and aftermath (“I sit down to write, and nothing happens. I write, but it’s a combination of blankness and junk, stuff that I write and that I delete the next day. I’m not out of that forest yet, really.”)

In tech news: TikTok is testing a way to reset your For You page, how Google’s AI chatbot tanked its shares by 8%, a BeReal clone that’s made specifically for events (it sends all your guests a notification at different times throughout the night so you can look back at how the night progressed), Zoom might be on the way out despite its pandemic success, and Google Research has released a new generative AI tool called MusicLM that can generate new musical compositions from text prompts

If you spend any time at all around babies or little kids, you’ll want to bookmark this thread of parenting advice immediately (“These small people have only been on the planet this time around for a few years. They don’t know what’s going on yet, they’re still finding out about everything, and it’s all new! So cut them – and yourself – some slack.”)  

Time Magazine has ranked the 100 best children’s books of all time and it’s a real trip down memory lane

How many of these etiquette rules do you agree with?

We’re not sure how we stumbled across this Substack written by a guy who decided to eat a sandwich in every Pret a Manger in London in one day but our lives are now infinitely better for it

In honour of the Metro Trains Melbourne Dumb Ways to Die ad turning 10 this year, our TikTok feeds have been filled with everyone’s dumbest mistakes and here’s our fave (legend says she’s still in orbit)

And in other news: King Charles has dropped his getting ready playlist, how to get more carbonara in your life, unpacking the history of the ‘work wife’, this dog thinks if they stay ~really~ still their owner can’t catch them wreaking havoc, situationships are trending among Gen z women, the words and phrases that make people cringe according to Twitter, some of the translations of Prince Harry’s book title are wild, this week we learnt that every Australian is entitled to a free poster of the monarch, how you can slay every day, and we would 100% watch this version of Love Island

What we've been watching, cooking, listening to and reading this week...

Hamish, digital marketing coordinator

Listening: To this excellent episode of Full Story by the Guardian discussing the death of nuanced editorial (and some signs that we could be seeing a resurgence)
Cooking: I’m in study mode this week and I've been cheering myself up by eating Dandan noodles almost every night. It’s the *best* make-ahead meal ever – prep the sauce and mince mixture on Monday night and add them to your fresh noodles and veg all week. Thank me later
Reading: Pretty Tasty, a newsletter written by my extremely talented friend (and dedicated Friday Fourteen reader 👋) Georgia. I’m obsessed with all the recipes she shares and I love all her hot takes/controversial opinions about food. Go vote for the best ice cube shape in this week’s issue and back me up that it’s a large round sphere (duh)


Vanessa, content & strategy director

Watching: I finished season 3 of Happy Valley this week (the last one ever 😭) and these woefully bad yet oddly accurate impressions of the season 3 cast are basically the only thing getting me through
Baking: Ruth Roger’s chocolate nemesis cake from the legendary River Cafe in London. There are only four ingredients AND it’s gluten free
Re-reading: Curtis Sittenfeld’s American Wife. It’s a fictionalised retelling of the life of Laura Bush and every reading is like revisiting old friends
Listening: To Phoebe Bridgers and Haim at Laneway today !!