February 3, 2023
This week: Lily Allen’s home dropped on Architectural Digest yesterday and it’s a wild and wonderful treat for maximalist eyes, Anna Delvey is getting her own reality show and we’re not convinced, a candid interview in The Design Files with ABC disability reporter Nas Campanella about parenting with a disability, an investigation into the men who call romantic partners “crazy and obsessive”, and more

A very good morning to all our maximalist friends! Lily Allen and David Harbour’s home tour has just dropped on Architectural Digest and in usual celeb style it’s deliciously chaotic slash wildly impractical and we want it all. Bedroom with no natural light. So many flowers. Carpet in a room with a bathtub

YouTube juggernaut Mr Beast claimed he “cured 1000 people’s blindness”. Heartwarming altruism, or an exploitative act that highlights America's dystopian healthcare industry? Looks like people are divided

In tech news: Elon Musk is considering crypto payments for Twitter in push to build an ‘everything app’, Spotify is testing a Friends tab on mobile that hints at expanded social ambitions, there’s rumours that Instagram’s co-founders are building a new social app for reading online news and blogs (please let this be *the* RSS app we’ve all been waiting for), and big tech is going viral for a jarring number of layoffs, with many sharing brutal stories of being fired and it’s heartbreaking

Anna Delvey is getting her own reality show, which will centre around her throwing dinner parties with “celebrities, moguls and glitterati” in her East Village apartment all while still under house arrest. This comes just weeks after the fake German heiress threw a New Year’s house party attended by real A-listers, which has us wondering – has Anna actually faked it until she made it?

This excellent Grubstreet article on the rise of fancy grocery stores has dubbed them “shoppy shops” and we’re obsessed (we also like “fancy pantry”)

TikTok beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira outraged the internet when she wore fake eyelashes in a Loreal mascara ad, but is the backlash really justified when TV ads have long set a standard for false advertising?

This week we stumbled upon Chronophoto, a game in which you have to guess the year that photos were taken. Beware, this is addictive

A generous, candid interview in the Design Files with ABC disability reporter Nas Campanella about parenting her 11-month-old as a mother living with disability. The way her community has rallied around her is incredible

We all know someone who has been deemed “crazy and obsessive” by a romantic partner and this accurate investigation into the men who do this and why it’s so bloody maddening is fascinating reading (“We call these situations “That crazy girl, who was mental” because it seemed clear that if you responded directly to the way they had been acting, by asking for an explanation, say, or telling them they had wasted your time, or even saying that if they had only wanted to hook up they didn’t need to misrepresent their intentions and could just have said that, then they would frame this as you being crazy, obsessive, a stalker, and so on”)

Some surprisingly good dating advice from an ex-monk

Journalist and F14 reader Jane Howard (👋) wrote a piece for the Guardian this week about the innate pleasure of rereading books, and the overwhelming sense of nostalgia and comfort that picking up a dog-eared book provides (“I love the way the ghost of me lives on in these pages. The tactile proof I read these words, I saved these places, I was here – and now I’m here again"). Reading this felt like a warm hug

Are you a soldier, poet, or king? Our TikTok feeds are obsessing over the latest viral personality quiz based on a song by The Oh Hellos (and apparently you never get the result you’re expecting)

And speaking of TikTok, if you’ve been on the platform recently and seen people talking about “mascara” only to discover that, yeah, they are not talking about the eyelash wand, you need to read this piece stat

And in other news: The Palermo villa from season 2 of The White Lotus is on AirBnB for a cool $6k a night, a new standard has been set for boyfriends of Instagram, the Succession season 4 trailer dropped this week and we’re obsessed (“if we’re good, we’re good”), HBO has renewed ‘The Last of Us’ for a second season, Gawker has rated US media brands’ TikToks from “bad” all the way to “less bad”, Nike and Tiffanys have unveiled their first sneaker collaboration, this fridge is next level bad, here’s your wholesome content for the week, not sure about this mango peeling method tbh, no regrets just baguettes is our new motto and Miranda Kerr is now on TikTok and she’s making us hungry for potatoes

What we've been watching, cooking, listening to and reading this week...

Vanessa, content & strategy director

Baking: I made *the* Bourke Street Bakery carrot cake last weekend for a friend’s birthday and it was even better than I remember. Two things I’d change next time: one hour baking time instead of 1.10 and add lemon to the cream cheese icing 🍋
Following: Chloe Cooks on Instagram. She posts the dreamist food pics, always with recipes, and always attainable
Watching: Haim’s attempt at Australian accents over and over again


Ava, copywriter & content producer

Still dreaming about: Sunday’s sinful lunch at McLaren Vale’s latest dining spot, Singapore Circus. Go all in and get the duck
Baking: I see Haigh’s chocolate in my future – particularly, this very decadent recipe that’ll reverse any reservations you have about mud cake (buttermilk is a brilliant thing)


Emma, digital marketing assistant

Cooking: An incredibly easy and delicious dinner – Tandoori-style beef meatballs. It’s not often leftovers taste better than the original meal
Watching: The Philip DeFranco Show. I've been watching this YouTube gem since 2017. It's a great balance between stupid and insightful news
Playing: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. You play as an adorable turnip who happens to be an absolute menace