The internet is going wild over this essay written by the ghostwriter of Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway

This photographer takes pictures of strangers who match museum art

Today’s issue has a guest pick, courtesy of Vanessa’s partner Aaron. He says: “I watched this doco by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller this week. It explores the cultural significance of rave and acid house on ’80s Britain, and makes some fascinating links between protest movements, Thatcherite politics, the rise of neoliberalism and Brexit. It’s SO good. And it has tons of bangers!”

Are your skin products making your skin worse?

Spotify is now in on the astrology game, serving up monthly, specialised playlists for each star sign

The enduring legacy of the Baby-Sitters Club (“What resonates with readers today is the same thing that resonated with readers during the height of the Baby-Sitters Club popularity. At a time when finding a wide range of characters in terms of race, religion, and family structure proved challenging, Martin rose to the occasion.”)

The twists of fate that changed thousands of lives on 9/11

… and a college sophomore who was 10 months old when he lost his mother to 9/11 tells his side of the story

Meet the man using maths to find love (“A few years ago, Bobby Seagull sat down to try to work out why he had been so unlucky in life. “I was 32 or 33, I was single, I loved maths and science – I thought: ‘Can I use maths and science to help me?’ It was a genuine, earnest attempt.”)

Why didn’t this camp exist when we were kids?!

Women over 50 talk about sex (“I now have the sex I want instead of thinking how I (it) looks. My partner is thrilled AF about it.”)

Lizzie made this ragu over the weekend and declared it outrageously good

And a twenty minute no-bacon carbonara for the veggies in the house

Above and beyond the best thing we saw on Instagram this weekIllustration by Jessie Cave

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