This story about a guy who created an imaginary Kanye West-inspired dating app that went viral is BONKERS (“It’s 10pm when I arrive back from work. The press momentum is still rolling on. It feels good to know that my big plan worked. 25 news anchors coast to coast are discussing my imaginary dating site and I’m just in my bedroom, in my pyjamas with an old Macbook pro making the whole thing up as I go along. I start a big Yeezy Dating group chat, and invite everyone from my email list.”)

When was the last time you did… absolutely nothing?

On a quest to determine the best method for the perfect boiled egg, a food writer at the New York Times cooked more than 700 eggs using different methods, and then recruited 96 volunteers in a series of peeling and tasting tests. (The secret, apparently, is steaming rather than boiling, but who’s got the time for that?!)

Next week we’re gonna experiment with emailing like a CEO

How to fix your super in a single afternoon

Very Important News From The Hollywood Reporter: Andrew Scott aka “hot priest” has been cast as the lead in a new TV adaptation of The Talented Mr Ripley. We’re here for it.

English is weird

Not a fan of sweating it out in the gym? Try greasing the groove. (“One way to grease the groove is to just do the exercise whenever you think of it. Ben Greenfield, in Beyond Training, describes how he would do three to five pull-ups every time he walked under a pull-up bar installed in his office doorway. By the end of the day, he’d have performed 30 to 50 pull-ups with minimal effort.”)

Here’s one for you all Donna Tartt fans: Why the Secret History was never made into a movie (and why The Goldfinch was)

Lizzie has just discovered NPR Music’s Tiny Desk, and she’s officially In love with Lizzo

Been there, done that: Marriage advice from 7 divorced women

Our friend Meg over at Sugar Mountain alerted us to a podcast called Highly Enthused and we’ve been furiously catching up on the archives all week (whaddaya know, it’s a bit like the audio version of FRIDAY FOURTEEN)

Here’s a baked eggplant parmesan with creamy polenta for our northern hemisphere friends

… and a zucchini salad with parmesan and pine nuts for our southern hemisphere pals

Vanessa Keys